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  • How To: Colorize Flutter Debug Console Logs

    How To: Colorize Flutter Debug Console Logs

    In this article, we will be taking a look at how to colorize Flutter debug log statements using the dart:developer package. Fixing issues and building apps with Flutter is more interesting and pleasant when messages are logged in multiple colors. This post will demonstrate how to accomplish this without the need of any third-party plugins.…

  • Introduction To Null Safety In Dart

    Introduction To Null Safety In Dart

    What is Dart Null Safety? In basic terms, null safety in dart means that a variable cannot have a ‘null’ value unless it was started with null. All runtime null-dereference problems will now be shown at compile time, thanks to null safety. Dart Null Safety Code Example We constructed a class in the preceding dart…

  • Tutorial: Flutter Cupertino TabBar (iOS)

    Tutorial: Flutter Cupertino TabBar (iOS)

    Introduction: Flutter Cupertino TabBar Cupertino tabbar is a flutter version of the iOS bottom tabbar or bottom navigation bar. The CupertinoTabBar widget allows us to add an iOS-style tabbar to our project. It’s comparable to the android platform’s bottom navigation bar in flutter. It shows a row of tabs with a label and an icon…